Drink Like a Turk

By Travel Drunk, October 20, 2010 8:00 am

In Turkey your beer options are pretty limited. The most common and most popular beer is Efes. It comes in the light and dark varieties, but I prefer the light. In most areas you’ll pay about $3 for a half liter, but it’s quite a bit cheaper in the store. The other beer is Marmara, which I think is a little better in terms of flavor, and costs about the same. There is also a Tuborg brewery in Turkey, but why not drink a Turkish beer?

IMG_1363 Turkish Tubord

For spirits Turkey really only has one semi-unique choice: Raki. Raki is an anise-flavored spirit made from distilled grapes. Usually it’s served in a collins glass, chilled, and mixed 50/50 with water. Even though both the raki and water are clear, the drink turns a milky color when mixed. Yeni Raki seems to be the biggest brand, and a half-liter bottle costs about $14 in the store, or it’s about $3 a drink in most bars. Definitely a tasty after dinner drink, but not my first choice for a pick-one-drink-and-drink-a-bunch-of-them kind of night. It’s 90 proof, so I forgot to take any pictures but here are a couple I lifted from the Yeni site:

yeni raki yeni raki glass

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