Backpacker’s Guide to Buying a Motorcycle in Vietnam

By , February 14, 2011 5:14 am

One of the first things most people notice when they arrive in Vietnam is the absolutely ridiculousfamily bike numbers on motorcycles on the streets, and the almost complete lack of cars and busses.  There are now well over 20 million bikes on the road, with over 3 million in Saigon (HCMC) alone!  Holy shit.

Bikes here are used to transport the whole family (there are 4 people on the bike in this photo), as well as whatever crap you need to carry.  I’ve seen bikes holding way more than average honda back home.  So if you’re traveling through Vietnam, why fight it.  Buy a bike.


Step 1:  Decide what type of bike you want.

Everyone in Vietnam rides relatively small bikes with engines ranging from 100 to 125cc.  The reason is that for bikes over 175cc you need special papers to get them in, and a special license to ride.  Also, everyone here drives super slow (even on the highway people usually go about 60 kph, and at 80kph you’re passing virtually everyone) so there is no need for a big bike.  So now that you know you need a small, cheap bike, you have 4 solid options:

1) Minskminsk

Russian made, 2-stroke 125cc engine, and it used to be the standard for an all-around bike in  Vietnam.  Now, not so much.  Almost every time I see one of these now there is a white guy sitting on it, which means that parts are becoming more and more hard to find, as are mechanics who deal with them.  They stink and smoke, and break down all the time.  On the other hand, they look super cool, they get a good ride on rough roads, they can carry two people, and they’re cheap.  You can pick a good one up for around $300.  If you’re into working on the bike as much as riding, this could be your ride.

2) Honda Bonushonda bonus

Honda name and reliability, plus a 125cc engine and one of the larger bikes on the road, and it looks cool.  This bike is comfortable for two, has plenty of power, and it’s easy to find parts for and fix along the way.  The downside is that they are on the heavy side (sucks in congested city streets), and they have a reputation for losing oil and ruining the top end.  One mechanic is Saigon talked me out of buying one due to the necessity for increased maintenance.  The Bonus is also a little pricy with a good one costing around $400.

3) Honda Wave honda wave

The Honda Wave has to be the most popular bike on the road.  I’ve seen more of these than anything else, literally millions of them here in Vietnam.  Yes, they are a scooter, but even tough looking Vietnamese guys ride them, so no shame there.  They come in several different engine sizes up to 110cc, which puts out more power than the 125cc Minsk, and gets better gas mileage.  The 110cc engine is also the most popular and most reliable in Vietnam, so it doesn’t break down much, but if it does anyone can fix it super cheap and fast.  Another plus is that you can get one with an auto transmission, which still lets you select the gear with your foot like a regular bike, but there is no clutch to worry about.  This can be really nice for someone without much experience, and makes learning to ride a snap.  The downside is that it’s really only good for one person, and the ride isn’t too great due to the light suspension and small tires.  I’m also not a big fan of the riding posture and the feel of the balance on these things, but maybe that’s just a personal thing.  The average price is in the middle at about $300 to $350 for a good used bike.

4) Honda Wineasy rider

Probably the second most popular bike on the road next to the Wave.  It also has the 110cc engine, with a standard 4 speed transmission.  Plenty of power for the mountains, great reliability, and it gets about 25-30km per liter (or about 60mpg)!  It’s good for two, but not as heavy as the Bonus, so it’s easy to ride in the cities.  The price is similar to the Wave at $300 to $350 for a good one.

We went for a slightly modified Win that has upgraded rear shocks and a bigger seat meant for two.  It also has a larger than normal tank (10L), so we never have to worry about gas.  So far no problems, plenty of power, and pretty comfortable even on long rides.  I love this bike even though it’s not the toughest thing on the road with it’s yellow and purple color scheme.


Step 2: Buy a Bike

Buying a bike in Vietnam is easy, but there are a few things to look out for.  One of the easiest ways to get a bike is to but one off another backpacker.  We bought our bike in Saigon, and there were new bikes showing up for sale at our guesthouse almost every day.  In either Hanoi or Saigon you can easily walk down the street and find bikes other backpackers have used for sale.  The only downside is that they are not mechanics and may not even know about problems that are coming.  Luckily, a full tune up and regular repairs will only run about $40 on a bike that is running and driving pretty good.  So if you see a good deal go for it, but have it checked out before you take off on a long trip.  Most of the time you will get everything including a helmet, spare parts/tools, a map, and maybe rain gear.  The most important thing you need to make sure you get is the blue registration card.  This card doesn’t need to be in your name (no one changes it over), but you need to have it or the cops can confiscate your bike.

We bought our bike from a dealer named Kevin in Saigon.  He checks out all the bikes and makes any repairs, so we knew what we were getting and didn’t have any surprises down the road.  He also set us up with an oversized rack for our pack, a map, raingear, two full-face helmets (which are nice if you like your face), rain gear, and even insurance.  He also said he would buy the bike back if we came back through Saigon.  After shopping around for a week we found Kevin’s prices pretty competitive and it just seemed like the best/easiest deal for us.

Step 3: Get out and Ride open road

Getting a bike allows you to go wherever, and whenever you want.  It also allows you to play out some sort of mid-life crisis fantasy even though you’re only in your 20’s or 30’s, and it’s the best way to see Vietnam.  Riding is also super fun, and that’s what you’re trip should be about.

Read about Part 1 of our trip here.


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  2. Anh Wu says:

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  3. Katie says:

    Great post. We are planning a trip from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, really want to do it on motorbikes but with no experience and a mountain of people telling us ‘no’ we dont know what to do!

  4. Oliver Newman says:

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  7. Erik says:

    Have a excellent condition Yamaha Nouvo for sale. Looking to sell it for $325usd. Includes bungee chords for packs, rain cover, lonely planet guide book and blue registration card. I’m willing to bring the bike to wherever you are staying for a test drive.
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  10. Yaro says:

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  12. Jon says:

    Kevin is mentioned on this website, since he has moved onto bigger and better things (exporting Honda 67’s at the Honda 67 factory) I am now in charge running the backpacker market.
    Please contact me if you need any help or a bike!

  13. Mr Hoat says:

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  14. Minh Thanh says:

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  17. Matthijs says:

    We sell a Minsk motorbike for USD200 in Hanoi around 7-9 August 2014. We bought it for the same price in Dalat from the well known Easyriders. We travelled from there to Sapa with two persons and luggage. We maintained the motor well (changed oil/500km, got a new engine exhaust, new inner tires,…).

    The motorbike comes with:
    – the required ‘Motorbike Registration Certificate’
    – 2 plastic bags for your backpacks
    – elastic stretchers
    – large carrier
    – 2 extra keys
    – big chain lock
    – a screwdriver (didn’t need it, repairshops ‘Xe May’ everywhere!)
    – a wrench (idem)

    If you’re interested, please send me an e-mail ( Our travel trough Vietnam was spectacular, we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did!

    Lore and Matthijs (Belgium)

  18. Simon says:

    Hey fellow travellers,

    Hereby we want to sell our two very reliable Honda win 100cc bikes.

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    due to buying two good bikes (I choose these out of 9 models I test drove from a shop in Hanoi) and performing our daily maintenance (15min) we never had breakdowns and our bikes never let us down, even in the pouring rain.

    Since I also want you to have a reliable and safe drive, I will explain to you what maintenance you should do, how to solve problems that might occur etc. All this maintenance might look like thewe are bad bikes, but every bike and car needs maintenance, especially on Vietnamese roads and in Vietnamese climate. I’d rather be safe then sorry and therefore I would advice you to do the same

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  22. Eugene says:

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  23. James says:

    Great post! I just finished my trip from Hue to HCMC. Never had driven a shifting motorbike before but the experience was awesome!! If you are in Hue look up Kiem Thien mechanics. He will hook you up with whatever bike you want ( i recommend the honda win ofcourse!!) and do a full check and replace all the parts that needs to be changed. You will not let you go unless the bike it safe. I found a travel mate and we bought two honda win for 260 USD each all inclusive ( also the registration card). We had one flat tire, needed to tighten the chain and thats it. Garages are everywhere and they are always helpfull and cheap. Yeah the traffic is a bit crazy but just pay attention, use your common sense and you will be fine! Saw so plenty of police along the way but they dont even cared about us. If you dont act like a douchebag they will wont pay any attention to you. Just drive safe and enjoy the unique experience!!! Just arrived yesterday in HCMC and now going to sell our bikes. We are staying in the Eco Backpackers Hostel. If you are interested be quick cause we already have given a lot of people our number from our flyers. Have a safe journey and i promise you will love the one in a life time experience!

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  28. Knut Skatvedt Langsjøen says:

    My name is Knut. I bought a Honda Win from a German friend a short time ago and have the pleasure of driving it from Pho Quoc to Ho Chi Minh. I’ll be in HCM tomorrow (18th) and I’ll sell it as fast as I can.

    The bike is a very good drive and the bluecard says that it is a 2007. I had no problem leaving most competition behind on the highway.

    It has probably done quite a few miles and needed some taking care of. The following hs been done with it recently:

    -new gastank
    -bearings front and back
    -spark plug
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    I also had some wiring redone.

    It might not win the world competition in styled-up bikes, but it’s got plenty of soul, rides well and I can sell it confident that it is quite good.

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  29. Thibaut Mommalier says:

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  30. Kaspacho says:


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  31. Mike says:



    will arrive to HCMC on the 1st of March 2015. Get in touch: to discuss price and meeting point.

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  32. Ivan says:

    Hi travellers, I sell Honda Win 110cc bought in Hanoi.
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  35. matt says:


    I’m looking for 2 bikes (ideally Honda Wins) to take myself and a buddy from Ho Chi Minh up to Hanoi.
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  36. Ty says:

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  37. chin yuri says:

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  38. Richard says:

    We have three Honda Wins for sale as from today 15 may until may 20
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