More Oktoberfest and Munich Pictures

By Travel Drunk, September 22, 2010 3:22 am

Too much awesome for one post, so here’s some more:

IMG_1878 Hop wreaths smell so good at the outdoor market.

IMG_1917 The Lowenbrau Lion was drinking all day, everyday. I think he has a drinking problem.

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Oktoberfest 2010: The First Weekend

By Travel Drunk, September 21, 2010 3:16 am

IMG_1938 So we survived the first weekend of Oktoberfest. It was great. Even if you don’t love beer, like I do, you should still go. The opening day we went to the grounds at about 8:00am to try to get a seat in the Augustiner tent, but it was full by the time we got in. We ended up in the outdoor beer garden of another tent, but it was still a great time. Our waitress could carry 10>

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Oktoberfest: Booya Futhermucker!

By Travel Drunk, September 16, 2010 9:51 pm

I’m typing this from the Munich train station at 6:30 am local time, and I’m super fucking excited. The only logical explanation: Oktoberfest! Oktoberfest is the world’s largest fair, with about 6 million people coming each year. This year is the 200th anniversary, so it gets a little extra booya.

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South African Wine Country and the Cape

By Travel Drunk, September 14, 2010 8:00 am

IMG_0455 Being from California, I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a little snobbish with the wine, and not easily impressed by vineyards/wine country/ect. But, the South African wine country is fucking incredible. We rented a car for about $40 a day in Cape Town and took the 2 hour drive out to Franschhoek (by the way: since South Africa is one of the colonies they drive on the opposite side of the road to the US, so the wheel is on the right side of the car, so the stick shift is now in your left hand. It was a very exciting drive.)

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Slow your Roll: Get a Job

By Travel Drunk, September 13, 2010 11:19 am

Traveling to a new city everyday really starts to wear you down. After a little while you won’t care about going to the museum, seeing a castle, or hiking through a completely unique bit of the globe. If you’re at this point I have one suggestion: do what your father did and get a job, sir (extra points if you get the reference).

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Gettin’ Down in Cape Town (South Africa)

By Travel Drunk, September 11, 2010 2:29 am

IMG_0421 I previously posted on how to drink like a South African, but there is more to South Africa than just great drinks and beer (crazy, I know). South Africa is an amazing place, and Cape Town is probably the first city we’ve been to that I really thought I could move to. The people are incredible, and there are so many cultures and languages coming together. The place has a lot going for it, but a lot of problems, also.

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Travel Gear Review: 10 Things You Forgot to Pack

By Travel Drunk, September 5, 2010 6:54 am

There are a bunch of little things that are really usefull to bring on the road, but easy to forget when packing. Here are some of the best things I’ve brought:

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Crossing the River: A Drinking Game

By Travel Drunk, September 4, 2010 9:05 am

Just in time for Saturlaid, here is the newest drinking game we have learned. This game comes to you from Albania, courtesy of a couple of drunk Australians.

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The Country Count Debate: Poop or Drink

By Travel Drunk, September 2, 2010 11:04 am

Turkish Tubord toilet There is a growing debate occurring on the internet, at the bar, and mostly in hostel common areas over how to determine if you have really visited a country. Most people, myself included, have stamps in their passports form countries they don’t feel they have really visited. Just last month I travelled by train across Bulgaria, twice, but I didn’t really visit the country.

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Best Weather Site, EVER

By Travel Drunk, August 31, 2010 8:09 am

The Fucking Weather

Maybe it’s just because I’m really hungonver (is that a real word?), but I think this is hilarious.

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