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Panamanian Beer

By Travel Drunk, February 1, 2010 10:05 am

Panama Lager Panama is hot and humid, therefore cold showers and cold beer are essential, and if you have to choose definitely go with cold beer.  There are three Panamanian beers that are everywhere: Panama, Atlas, and Balboa.  Prices are all pretty similar, but sometimes Balboa is a little more expensive.  My favorite is Balboa.  It’s light, easy to drink, and you never really get sick of it.  This is key, since all of the beers are about 4% by vol., so you end up drinking a shit ton of them.  Panama is second, with a slightly heavier aftertaste, and atlas is shit.  At the bar you can expect to pay $1-$1.50, but in the store you can find them for about $0.40 per beer.  Booya.

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